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What Is It?

Walgo is a free application that runs on your iPhone, BlackBerry and Android Smartphones.

So many items that you carry, you can now make mobile and always have them with you in your Smartphone:

Select an Add+Card from our growing collection of already created cards:

  • Looks identical to the actual physical card
  • Personalized for you - just like your physical card

Create your own MyCard using a selection of graphic backgrounds and custom text:

  • For completely free-form cards you design any way you'd like
  • Ideal for personal information such as passwords, health plan info, car license/registration, etc.

Once on your Smartphone, Walgo mobile cards can be:

  • Used in the physical and online world
  • Carried securely
  • Easily added or removed

With Walgo, checking out at the cash register or identifying yourself is quicker and easier than ever!