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Privacy & Security


Maintaining the privacy of information is just as important as maintaining its security. Walgo does not share any of your information with any 3rd party. Here is our Privacy Policy.


Walgo keeps anything you upload private, safe, and secure at all times by bringing military-grade encryption to your mobile Smartphone device:

  • Servers are housed within secure data centers that have the right access controls and disaster recovery mechanisms in place.
  • Secure, military-approved encryption channels are used that block any unauthorized person from intercepting or seeing data.
  • HTTPS/SSL are used for all communications between your phone and our server.
  • A secondary layer of message level encryption over top of the "wire-level" protection afforded by HTTPS/SSL can be applied.
  • All card data held within Walgo is encrypted while it is stored on the Smartphone device.
  • Appropriate password management, user authentication, session timeouts, and other best-practice security measures are enforced both on our web site and within Walgo on the mobile Smartphone.