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Wallet to Go™

Organize. Shop. Redeem. Search. Find. Cash-in Points. Get Balances.

Go Light. Go Smart. Get Started with Walgo now.

Step 1: Download the Walgo application

There are three ways to get Walgo on your Smartphone:

Option 1: Type "" into the address bar of your Smartphone browser.

Option 2: Have a QR code reader on your Smartphone? Scan this:


Option 3: Enter the email address you use on your Smartphone and we'll send an email with the installation link.

Step 2: Log in to your Walgo Account

Log in here after Walgo is installed on your phone to:

  1. Add mobile cards - "Add+Cards"
  2. Create your own custom "MyCards"
  3. Manage your Walgo content
  4. Retrieve Walgo content if your Smartphone is lost, stolen, broken or replaced.